Rookie pitcher Justin Verlander had another night to think about his date with the Yankees. It must have been somewhat overwhelming for this youngster to be pitching at Yankee Stadium in the playoffs. Verlander had a great rookie season and the future looks bright for him. The Yankees were looking to take advantage of Verlander’s youth. They did what their manager likes them to do. They were selective on their pitches and took the pitcher deep into the count. Verlander threw a total of 105 pitches in just 5 1/3 innings work. He was fortunate his curveball was working for him today. It helped him get out of more than one jam. As for Mike Mussina he was unimpressive to say the least. His curveball seemed to be hanging a lot. He got away with pitches that might have caused even more damage. I thought Detroit’s Joel Zumaya was the star of the game. Yankee batters were unable to catch up to his 100 mph plus fastballs.

The Tigers were able to beat the Yankees by manufacturing runs. They will have to continue to do this if they stand a chance in this series. They cannot expect to go toe to toe with the Yankee offence.

Looking ahead to Game 3. Randy Johnson will pitch even though he may not be 100%. Johnson is a proud person and he will be looking to avenge his less than stellar performance in last season’s playoffs    


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