“Divorce American League Style”

function nfm_articles(a)
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— if(a[i][4].length) a[i][2]=a[i][2]+’,’;
— document.writeln(‘
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— document.writeln(‘
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— if(a[i][3].length) {
— document.writeln(‘
— document.writeln(‘
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— }
— document.writeln(”);
— }

–function nfm_articles_error(e)
— document.writeln(‘

— document.writeln(‘
— +e.replace(/a href/g,’a style=”color:#0021AE;font-size:12px;font-style:italic;text-decoration:underline;” href’)+”);
— document.writeln(”);

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One comment

  1. kbeers@optonline.net

    I can’t believe that the NY Yankees made an offer to Joe Torre that ammounted to nothing more than a slap in the face. After all the accomplishments he’s had as skipper for 12 years he deserved a **** of alot better.The Yankees attendance has been over 4 million for the last couple of years, because the fans love torre and the team. Now you may see some star players leave and the attendance go down. I know a few people who have already said that if the boss doesn’t bring Torre back thay would not be Yankee fans anylonger. I’ve been a Yankee fan for 40 years and i’m pissed , “way to go George” and Hank and Hal, as usual you screwed up things again.

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